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PR on Click
Your Path to PR Success

Welcome to PR on Click, the cutting-edge PR solution designed to revolutionize the way PR agencies and brands operate.


The solution we offer is designed to meet your business needs.

Revolutionizing PR for Agencies and Brands

Our platform leverages state-of-the-art technology, saving you time and money while ensuring top-notch quality service. With a perfect blend of speed and efficiency, PR on Click is the ultimate tool for seamless communication between agencies, brands, and all stakeholders involved.

  • Seamless Communication
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Cost-Effective
  • Real-Time Analytics

For PR Agencies

PR on Click empowers PR agencies through a comprehensive set of tools and features that streamline their operations. With the ability to customize the role for each team member, agencies can assign roles based on expertise, thus enhancing collaboration and productivity. PR on Click’s real-time tracking and detailed reports provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven decisions that drive successful PR campaigns.

For Brands

As a brand, PR on Click puts you in control of your PR campaigns like never before. Invite your team or your agency to join the platform and experience smooth communication channels, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Our secure media library, coupled with a powerful search engine, makes content management a breeze, enabling easy access to historical data for future use. The result? Streamlined PR campaigns that elevate your brand’s reputation effortlessly. 

Unique Value Proposition​

How PR on Click Works

A Tailored Solution for
PR Agencies and Brands

White Label Platform

PR on Click offers a white label version of its platform, providing PR agencies and brands the opportunity to use the platform under their own branding, which will allow you to soar ahead with your business without the need of a large team to support the efforts.

Role Customization

PR on Click users have the flexibility to design and customize user roles according to their specific requirements. This means they can define different levels of access and privileges for their team members, clients, or agency partners. The role customization feature empowers users to maintain control over their data and streamline collaboration within the platform.

Collaborative Project Management

PR on Click facilitates collaborative project management for both agencies and brands. Team members from agencies and brands can work together on PR campaigns, content creation, media outreach, and other activities, all within the platform. This integrated approach ensures smoother workflows, reduces email clutter, and fosters effective teamwork.


User Management System: Manage team members’ details, roles, and responsibilities for seamless collaboration.

Clients Records and Information: Store and organize client information, making personalized PR services easier.

Media Data: Organize your media database of media organizations and professionals for targeted outreach.

Suppliers Data: Efficiently manage supplier relationships for streamlined project execution.

Service Request Forms: Customizable forms for clients to submit PR requirements, ensuring prompt responses.

Request Tracking & Status Tools: Real-time tracking of service requests for transparency and milestone tracking.

Reports: Comprehensive analytics on users, requests and operations.

Media Library: Securely archive PR materials with a powerful search engine for easy retrieval and content reuse.

Let's shape the future of PR together!

Join us and transform your PR game. Our platform redefines collaboration, harnessing technology for unmatched efficiency, quality, and communication.